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Our process

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Step 1

Research and study

Knowing your business, the market and key trends. Being advised by experts in web communication, from the market research to its analysis, from a benchmark to the elaboration for a marketing strategy, Ôme production is here to guide you at the closest to align you at the best for your project became reality.

Step 2

Concept and sketches

From reflection to elaboration, we are here to help you into this essential step. To positionnate yourself on the market, improve your visual identity and to stand out of the box, 3D animations bring your project to life before creation: this is as many services that Ôme productions offer to give the most trustful and efficient product.

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process image
Step 3

Design and branding

The concept and visual identity are defined, now let’s get to the web development, what made our reputation at Ôme productions! Our experts will do everything they can to make your website the best segment for your product. Your project will grow with adequate technologies such as: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP…

Step 4

Commercialize and advertise

Through SEO that allows you to have a good position for your website on Google, or marketing SEM or SMO, those are as many methods that we master to increase your web visibility, and so your sales revenues. We can also help you with our expertise in web marketing and ads campaigns.

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Graphic design is the art of representation while creating. Selecting and using graphic elements such as drawings, fonts, typos, pictures, colors… All of this to create a communication support. They work together to promote, inform and educate, all of this while creating a visual identity.

Visual identity or graphic design are all the visual elements that makes a recognizable brand in the medias, social networks… They express the values, the activity and the ambition that define the brand. It can be decline on every support, physical or digital and can be delivered with sound identity.

The logo is the graphic representation that make the brand, the product, the company, visually recognizable to the public, the market, but also distinguish itself from the competition.

Web site and commercial apps

The website is the window of the company. Ôme productions can take in charge every steps from the creation, through concept and to launching. The internet constantly evolves, and because of that, Ôme productions guarantees your autonomy thanks to easily editable websites where you control every evolution. We master technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. This one can also develop marketing apps or HR… We also design wordpress websites and e-shops prestashop. We are here to answer every demand, from conception, creation and production.


Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, colour, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages.


abbreviation for cascading style sheet: a piece of computer software that allows you to describe and control how a web page or a series of web pages should appear to the user: One of the goals of CSS is also to allow users greater control over presentation


Stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor," a recursive acronym. PHP is a scripting language web developers use to create dynamic websites. It is often installed by default on Apache web servers, alongside MySQL as part of a "LAMP" configuration.


an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.


Optimization for social medias or social referencing (Social media optimization…) are the methods that we use to attract visitors on websites contents by promoting it threw social medias. SMO reunites actions that encourage the diffusion of the content by manual action of the customer. It is an addition to natural referencing (SEO)

Optimization for the internet search engine or natural/organic referencing defines all the technics that optimize the positioning of a page, website or apps in the results from the internet search engine. The optimum is to be referencing into the first page or in the 10 first responses after a key words research. Increase natural traffic on the website usually improve visibility, and then sales revenues.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is basically marketing campaigns on internet search engine. The goal is to increase the visibility of a website on those, by an optimization of the website with the given key words, or by a strategy of paying commercial and advertising links from the other pages of the research.

Our Creations

Our pricing

Here is an estimation from our different prices. Those can vary from the design brief, contents, and other functionalities.

  • One Page
  • From 690€ HT /M
  • Window Website
  • From 1500€ HT /M
  • E-shop website
  • From 3000€ HT /M
  • Custom made website
  • From 8000€ HT /M

For your daily comfort, Ôme production also offers a maintenance service with a one-year contract for 18 euros / month.

If you need more informations…