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3D Movies

Sightseeing Interactive

We create sightseeing Interactive exhibitions and cultural areas. With that, we are looking for partners to create educative and fun storytelling’s.

2D and 3D prints

Our competence in animated 3D and real time 3D allows us to fulfill demands from architects and real estate promotors for their 3D print pictures. (Example 1 and 2) We also answer to the visual identity needs of your company by creating logos, mood boards, prints, Infographics…

Real-time 3D

The technology from video games, the real time 3D grabs the user into an immersed visual and sounded environment. Real time 3D architecture has a major impact because you can see the object in his environment before it exists: it’s a fun design brief at full scale. Today, every business can benefit from this, even for commercials needs (showrooms, supermarkets), HR (e-learning) or even for advertising. Ôme Productions can satisfy all of this demands thanks to the technologies from Virtools and Unity which can be broadcast on the internet, video game console and mobile phones.

3D animations and videos

To illustrate your videos, PowerPoints, conferences, advertising or challenges, 3D animations are a dynamical support to seduce your customers. We also direct videos and live broadcastings.

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